goAUPAIR’s new Au Pair Preview allows families to search, review and compare hundreds of well-qualified and prescreened available Au Pairs.

SALT LAKE CITY, MARCH 1, 2010 — goAUPAIR is excited to announce its new Au Pair Preview. The Au Pair Preview allows families to search, review and compare hundreds of well-qualified and prescreened available Au Pairs without having to fill out any application.

Unlike any other Au Pair search tool in the industry, the Au Pair Preview is available with no cost, no commitment and without having to take the time to apply. With other agencies and companies, families have been limited in their search for Au Pairs by a set number of candidates chosen for them by their Au Pair agency or even a computer. Now with the Au Pair Preview, they will be able to search with any combination of qualities they want with access to hundreds of pre-screened and travel ready Au Pairs.

Families can now search Au Pairs on different criteria including nationality, language spoken and more. The new search function will empower parents and give them the option to hand-select the Au Pair that best meets the unique needs of their family at their own convenience.

The Au Pair Preview also allows families to learn more about goAUPAIR’s available Au Pairs, making their decision process substantially easier. Families can see pictures of Au Pair candidates, read about their child care experience, interests and learn why they want to be an Au Pair in the United States. Information regarding age, education, English rating and availability are also viewable.

“We are extremely pleased with the Au Pair Preview and the unique benefits it offers families looking for child care,” said, Devon Kapler, director of information technology. The new Au Pair Preview is unique because of three things. It’s available to the general public at no cost and with no requirement to apply. It offers the ability to search Au Pairs who are prescreened, qualified and ready to come to the United States. And it also lets you search hundreds of Au Pairs according to the parameters you set.”

In addition to searching, reviewing and comparing candidates, potential Host Families are able to express interest in the available Au Pair candidates with just a click of their mouse. Doing so will allow one of goAUPAIR’s dedicated Placement Coordinators to send more information about that specific Au Pair to the family for their review. The Au Pair Preview is available to all families free of cost and without having to apply at http://www.goAUPAIR.com.