goAUPAIR is pleased to announce Tucson, Arizona; Tulsa, Oklahoma and Albany, New York as the newest service areas for our Au Pair child care programs. Because of the increasing demand from Tucson, Tulsa and Albany’s families for affordable child care alternatives, we have decided to expand our services to these areas. Our hope is to bring a positive influence to families and these communities, providing year-round support and information about the benefits of cultural exchange coupled with child care.

Families in Tucson, Tulsa and Albany are now able to enjoy all the benefits an Au Pair offers. Many Host Families continually mention how much they like the flexible scheduling and personalized child care their Au Pair brings. It also exposes your children to a different culture and allows them to be cared for in a familiar environment. An Au Pair is a young adult who comes to the United States to live with a family while providing 45 hours of child care each week in exchange for room and board and a small stipend.

As our new service areas, Tucson, Tulsa and Albany residents also will enjoy a Local Area Representative from goAUPAIR. Our Local Area Representatives are responsible to meet with and interview families interested in hosting an Au Pair, ensuring they meet the regulations set by the Department of State. Along with helping Host Families, Local Area Representatives also host activities for Au Pairs in the area, allowing the young international adults a chance to get to know the Tucson, Tulsa and Albany areas and, meet other local Au Pairs and share learning experiences. 

The Au Pair Program was created by the Department of State to help increase cultural exchange and international relations. We are happy to bring Tucson, Tulsa and Albany more than 20 years of experience with child care. For more information about goAUPAIR, our Au Pair programs available in Tucson, Tulsa and Albany and how to get to know your Local Area Representative, please visit goAUPAIR.com.