by goAUPAIR 9. June 2010 21:40

Au Pairs from China are quickly becoming some of our most popular Au Pairs. As the third largest country in the world, China provides dependable and hard working Au Pairs, who are able to make a smooth transition to life in the United States.

Most Chinese Au Pairs from goAUPAIR have worked or volunteered as tutors for younger children, so they are well prepared for their Au Pair experience. Education is very important in Chinese culture; therefore, it is common for older classmates and friends to help teach the younger generation. The Chinese government is also taking new steps to increase opportunities for higher education. In fact, all of our Au Pairs from China who are currently placed in the U.S. were either enrolled in college or already held a degree prior to their arrival. The education component of the Au Pair program is often appealing to Chinese Au Pairs and reassuring for Host Parents to know their Au Pair is eager to learn and grow.

Another reason why Chinese Au Pairs are so popular is their English skills. English is now a compulsory subject in Chinese primary and secondary schools and it shows. Chinese Au Pairs usually have very good English skills before entering the program, which makes for clear communications between Host Families and Au Pairs. Fluency in English is a highly prized skill in the Chinese job market; which is one of the reasons Chinese Au Pairs choose to come to the U.S. instead of other countries.

Perhaps another reason why Au Pairs from China are so popular is due to the recent emphasis on increasing our international relations with China. While visiting China, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encouraged young Chinese adults to strengthen their exchanges with their American counterparts.

“We need Chinese and Americans of all ages [and] professions…to get to know one another, to understand each other better, to connect and collaborate,” said Clinton.

“The relationship between our two countries will change the 21st century. We want it to be a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship. We want it to be based on our people-to-people outreach and understanding. Our people represent our greatest resource in both of our countries. And encouraging their mutual engagement will better ensure that the United States and China make the most of this exciting time in our shared history.”

Whether families are looking for a chance to help their children learn Chinese or they want to help our country’s diplomatic relations, hosting a Chinese Au Pair is sure to be a great experience.