What Is An Au Pair?

An Au Pair is a temporary assistant that works and lives alongside the family. The duties of an Au Pair varies but generally include caring for children and doing light housework. Compensation is given for these responsibilities. The Au Pair is given a private room and a moderate amount of spending money. An Au Pair should be suitably matched to the Host Family, before choosing one, you should be well-informed about what an Au Pair does.

1. The main goal of an Au Pair is to learn English.
Most Au Pairs want to move forward in life. They will take language classes to improve themselves, and they will expect help from the Host Family. You will need to assist with lessons and correct any mistakes made. If English is not the main language in your home, you should inform the Au Pair.

2. Many Au Pairs are college graduates.
Young Au Pairs are more qualified than you may expect. While it is not necessarily a requirement, a college degree represents drive and determination. If an Au Pair has qualifications in child psychology or care, you will spend less time delegating tasks.

3. There is a difference between a nanny and an Au Pair.

A nanny is trained in child care specifics. An Au Pair has experience with caring for children through casual babysitting or working in public daycare settings. An Au Pair is paid less than a nanny because they receive room and board.

4. An Au Pair shouldn’t be substituted for a house cleaner.
Although you may want your Au Pair to do housework, you should keep it simple. The best plan is to request only child-related cleaning and errands.

5. An Au Pair is meant to be treated as a member of the family.
Many Au Pairs are young and leaving home for the first time. They will want to take part in family time, including weekend activities and vacations. The arrangement should not be looked at as a business agreement.

Once you know what to expect from an Au Pair, you can choose the right fit for your family. The relationship between the Host Family and the Au Pair is designed to be harmonious and a rewarding experience for both sides.

This blog post was written by Louise Baker, a freelance blogger who usually writes about online degrees for Zen College Life. Her most recent article ranked the best online schools.