The families who have chosen their aupairs through goAUPAIR already know why we are such a great agency, but for those of you who are undecided, here are some great reasons to choose us!

Located in Murray, Utah and founded in 1989, this smaller agency is growing.  They have several programs, including Au Pair Plus, Educare and Premiere Au Pairs.  goAUPAIR now recruits au pairs from China, a new trend in hosting au pairs.  Tanna Wilson, Managing Director of goAUPAIR, discusses Chinese au pairs with the Clearinghouse in our exclusive interview.  This agency has added more resources on their newly upgraded website and continue to receive solid ratings on our Agency SurveysAward Winning Agency:  Recipient of the IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award in 2004 and 2005.

What are some of goAUPAIR’s Strengths?

Competitive Pricing – goAUPAIR’s pricing is very straight forward. They offer many discounts and don’t have extra fees like some other agencies. 

Great Customer Service – Host Families and Au Pairs always speak with a live, friendly representative in the corporate offices. In addition to the staff at the corporate offices, goAUPAIR’s Local Area Representatives are no exception to the great customer service. Many Local Area Representatives either have been Au Pairs or have extensive experience abroad, giving Au Pairs and Host Families an extra special perspective of the Au Pair program. Host Families consistently refer their friends and family to goAUPAIR because of the outstanding customer service.

AuPairClearinghouse rate their phone service as “good-very good.”

Selection of Au Pairs – goAUPAIR has one of the largest pools of available Au Pair candidates in the industry. In addition, goAUPAIR has many hard to find Au Pairs from countries like Vietnam, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Hungry and more.

Flexibility – goAUPAIR books all Au Pair arrival flights individually, which means they can accommodate the preferred arrival dates, times and locations according to Host Families’ needs. Through goAUPAIR’s Mutual Match system, Host Families are able to review multiple Au Pair applications instead of one at a time. This allows families the most flexibility to help them determine which Au Pair best fits their unique needs.

Host Family Resoures – starting 2 years ago, this smaller agency began to offer host families useful articles on hosting au pairs in their au pair blog, :  au pair tips, news articles, nationality profiles and more!  Its a very nice feature and the articles are fairly good and very informative! 

This is what Kelli, the Placement Coordinator Supervisor at goAUPAIR, had to say about her agency:  

Customer Service – Our excellent customer service is one factor that sets us apart from the other Au Pair agencies. I talk with families everyday who reference how happy they are with the service they receive after switching to goAUPAIR. 

Read the Clearinghouse’s Review of goAUPAIR’s Customer Service!

Flexible Payment Plans – goAUPAIR offers customizable payment plans which allows families to choose customized payment plans ranging from two to eight payment installments depending on the family’s needs. This plan has been very helpful to many families in this economic climate.

Popular Countries – Right now, some of our most popular countries from which our Au Pairs are coming from include China, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

Placement Coordinators – Every family has their own dedicated Placement Coordinator. Any time a family needs assistance; they can call in and talk to the same person! Host Families enjoy someone who knows their family and their unique needs. I am proud to say our current team of Placement Coordinators is the best team goAUPAIR has had since I’ve worked here!