I came across this idea for Father’s Day a few weeks ago; a candy bar poster.  It’s easy and I know my kids will have a blast making it for their dad.  Au pairs can easily customize this for the dads in their families with the kids help.  All you need is a poster board, pens/markers and candy bars.  Here are some ideas for what to write.

I know it’s not PAYDAY, but it’s Father’s Day and Dad you are worth $100GRAND to us.  You are better than a trip to the MILKY WAY, a STARBURST through the sky or a shopping trip on 5TH AVENUE.  Your SNICKERS are like a SYMPHONY to us and we just wanted you to know how SPECIAL you are to your SUGAR BABIES!  We wish you MOUNDS of HUGS and KISSES this Father’s Day!

You are the best Dad in the whole MILKY WAY!  When life takes me kown ROCKY ROADS, I can count on you to be my LIFESAVER.  You SKOR hight points as a Dad and I think you are still a BIG HUNK.  You are a WHOPPER of a good Dad!

Be creative and have fun!